Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Sweet Lemon Pickle

Ingredients :
10 Lemons
1/2 bowl or little less red chilly powder
1/2 bowl Salt
2 bowls Sugar

Process:1. Wash glass bottles and make it dry.
2. Wash lemons and cut each lemon into 8 pieces.
3. Mix all lemon pieces, Salt and sugar.  Mix well.
4. Put all the ingredients in glass jar/bottle.
5. Put the bottle every morning in sunlight for 8-10 days. Stir it every morning before putting bottle into sunlilght.

6. Add red chilly powder and mix well.
7. Again put the bottle in sunlight for 2-3 days.

Tips :
1. It will take more than 10 days to get it ready to eat.  When the texture of lemon pieces is completely changed, it is ready to eat.
2. Do not keep the bottle in sunlight for more days once you add red chilly powder. It reduces the pickle color.

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